Sunday, March 1, 2009

God's Amazing Love

I just have to share what my God did for me today. I will not share the depth of just how special this gift is and what He is speaking to me, because it is very personal between myself and God.

As I was leaving church today I noticed an envelope sticking out of my pocketbook. Inside I discovered gift certificates to a restaurant and a gift card to a salon/spa called "Whole" Aveda Salonspa. It says on the card that the gift is intended to use for "a massage and more". I don't know who put the envelope in my pocketbook, but they labeled the gift as being from "Jesus." And although I am SO thankful to whomever obeyed God's leading in giving me this gift, I am also so much aware that it truly is from Jesus. He spoke to a certain person's heart, and they obeyed.

I am awestruck and just teary eyed at the love of God. First off, just yesterday He began speaking to me about being whole. I was actually worshipping Him, singing a few songs written and sung by Brooke Fraser. In one, the lyrics are "Your love endures forever, Your love changes me, Your loves makes me whole, makes me better...". I was on my knees and in tears singing this song to God. Then later, I was reading from the last chapter in my current book, and it was about how Eve was made perfect- nothing missing and nothing broken. It was about how the curse spoken over Eve no longer has power over Christians.

Well, today my pastor spoke of that very topic: how we are redeemed from the curse. Sometime during the church service, the words "nothing missing" and "whole" were spoken. God was touching my heart and telling me of how He sees me. And then this- this gift card to the "Whole" spa and salon. The name of the place alone made me tear up. But there is more.

I have always wanted a message. I am extremely touch oriented. I love hugs, caresses, kisses...any sort of touching. I love when my hubby messages me also. But I have never received a professional message. It seems such a luxury...the thought of it makes me feel guilty that I'd just be lying there, soaking in the indulgence.

Yesterday I was also singing the song "Indelible" to God, and cried out these lyrics: "Hold me and love me and touch me again, and show me why I believe..." The other night, I had again, asked God to touch me somehow. I woke up in the middle of that night with another song in my I had not sung in a looooong time: "You see the real me, Hiding in my skin, Broken from within. Unveil Me, Completely. I'm loosening my grasp, there's no need to mask, my frailty. Wonderful, Beautiful, is what you see, when you look at me." I had been feeling vulnerable that night...frail even. So God woke me up with this song. With God...ohhh...I can loosen my grasp. I don't have to hide my frailty. I can be vulnerable and unveiled- completely. I did not feel His physical touch that night, but I was touched by Him.

Yet today. Today I am understanding that this massage He wants me to is His way of touching His daughter...physically. I know that when I lie down there, every touch, every sensation, will speak to me of God's love. I will see the whole situation as my God "loving on me". I will sing my songs to Him as I bask in His expression of love.

And to top it off- there is enough money for me to also get a pedicure, which I have wanted for SO long and desparately need! Last Sunday another lady at my church gave me jewelry. These are all desires I have had...and God is lovingly meeting one by one, without me speaking a word to anyone about them:)

Have any of my dear readers ever had a professional massage before? I'd love to hear about yours, so that I can mentally prepare myself. I am not sure *what* to expect LOL!

**Adding this to my blog: I just read the following sentence in one of my books: "Jesus wants to redeem the feminine resemblances in each of us...We bring ourselves to him, and each time, the triune God moves his hands over our brokenness, re-glues, realigns, and seals us in himself, so that we as women hold his image, again."

Wow. How timely and fitting is that- God moves his hands over our brokenness. God is so loving to continue to speak to me and reveal to me the mystery of what He is doing within and without me.


Amy said...

This post just made me cry...cry happy tears for a momma that so so needs to be loved on and pampered...but also for how very intimate Jesus is. How wonderful, Esther! How completely and utterly wonderful.

I have had a couple massages in my life, and I would recommend a swedish massage for your first massage. It's very relaxing and feels so great.
Therapeutic massage is NOT as's down right!!! I wish someone had told me this for my first massage... really really.

Oh just enjoy yourself!! You, my dear friend, DESERVE every second of it!

Roderick. said...

I am very happy for you sweetie. God is so caring and loving. Enjoy His beauty treatments. These times with God are so precious and you'
ll never forget it.

Mommy said...

Oh Esther!!! I am jumpping up and down for joy for you! ♥

I won a message at some spa in Orlando at DH's Work's Christmas Party, but I haven't redeemed it. I need to. It's been a year since I won it.

God is amazing. I LOVE to read how you find the "little" things. I need to do that so much more. I have not been trained to do that. But I am trying. :)

Relax and enjoy that day!

My heart has been for you to have a day to yourself like that. And I have been semi praying of *how* that could be done logestic wise.

It sounds like you have a wonderful Church family there. ♥

lisi said...

woohoo! that's so so great!
what a wonderful surprise, esther!
chris loves massages, and needs them often/for back, legs, etc..
i don't have them as often, but what a treat when i can!
it's relaxing and very detoxing, so get ready for a great joy!
love you, lis

Lauren @4BabyAndMom said...


I chose you! <3


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