Monday, June 29, 2009

Iran and Womens' End Time Role

Last week, I read some very interesting thoughts in the book Women: God's Secret Weapon by Ed Silvoso. Just days after reading his revelations, I became aware of the role women are playing in the current protests in Iran. In fact, the role of women is so profound that many are calling what is happening in Iran the "Lipstick Revolution". I don't think that this was a coincidence. In his book, Ed Silvoso shared a couple of "prophetic words" that God had given him which came to pass, and I believe much, or all, of what he shared about the future role of Middle Eastern women may just be true. Friends, this is so worth reading. Take a few moments and get a fresh revelation of Psalm 68! The following is quoted exactly from the book mentioned above.

Where Satan's head will be crushed: the showdown is fast approaching, and it will take place inside the 10/40 Window. I see three reasons for this. 1) Location: The Garden, the place where Satan scored first, was inside the 10/40 Window. Most scholars place the garden in the region where Iraq and Iran are today. This is one of the least receptive regions to the gospel. Being one of the places where Satan is most firmly entrenched, it will most likely also be where he will make his last stand. 2) The condition of women: The place on earth where they are most degraded, disgraced, debased and deprived is inside the 10/40 Window...3) Scriptural evidence: Psalm 68 describes a decisive encounter between God and evil forces, in which women play a key role. The internal evidence in this Psalm points to the 10/40 Window as the battleground.

Psalm 68:11-12 says, "The Lord gives the command; the women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host: Kings of armies flee, they flee", and as a result, God "scattered the peoples who delight in war." (v.30)... The mention of Judah, Zebulun and Naphtali places it in modern-day land of Israel. Mention of Sinai, Egypt and Ethiopia expand the theater to the entire Middle East...

The idea of women who proclaim glad tidings defeating evil kings is so extraordinary that to make sure this novel point is not lost the next verse reiterates, "She who remains at home will divide the spoil!" (v.12) Spoils always belong to the victor...

"When you lie down among the sheepfolds, you are like the wings of a dove covered with silver, and its pinions with glistening gold" (v13)...this verse compares the warring women to doves lying down on sheepfolds, their wings covered with silver and their pinions adorned with gold...sheepfolds are sheepskins used to cover the floor inside a tent...even if they came from white sheep, after a period of use their color turns to gray. If silver-colored doves are placed on gray sheepfolds, they become inconspicuous for lack of contrast. Even the gold rings on their pinions do not attract attention becasue the doves lie on them. What we have here is women camouflaged as doves lying low with a treasure hidden underneath. The story of the doves reflects perfectly the reality of Muslim women today inside the 10/40 Window. The question is not will God release them as his mighty army, but how soon will they be released?

The next verse states, "When the Almighty scattered the kings there, it was snowing in Zalmon" (v.14) What is the meaning of the snow, and why is Zalmon mentioned? If multitudes of doves...descend on an area, the place will look as if it is covered with snow. This happened in a location identified as Zalmon. This little known elevation holds an important key...

Abimelech, the son of Gideon through one of his concubines, made Zalmon infamous. This evil order to rule (see Judges 8:32-9:6). Abimelech...defeated its army (the people of Shechem) and murdered most of its inhabitants (Judges 9:43-45). However, a thousand men and women fled to a fortified tower. At that moment Abimelech climbed Mount Zalmon to show his army how to cut branches from trees. Once they had enough firewood they transported it to the lower chamber of the tower. They set it on fire and burnt alive one thousand men and women (Judges 9:49).

Next, Abimelech went to Thebez, a nearby town, and captured it, but some of the people also took refuge in another tower. He decided to burn them alive, just as he had done to the people in Shechem. However, as Abimelech approached the tower, a woman threw a millstone that landed on his head, "crushing his skull" (Judges 9:53).

As he lay moribund, he was more distressed by the fact that a woman had brought him down than he was concerned about his impending death. Consequently, he commanded his armor bearer to "draw your sword and kill me, lest it be said of me: 'A woman slew him'." (Judges 9:54)

The reference to Mount Zalmon ties the events in Psalm 68 to the final crushing of Satan's head and the role women will play in it. The parrallels are significant. Abimelech, the personification of evil, had his head crushed by a woman...By showing his army how to cut branches that could then be used as firewood to turn an otherwise impregnable tower into a human pyre, he transformed a common tree into a devastating new weapon. This is similar to how Satan turned the tree in the Garden into a lethal weapon. Undoubtedly, his victory at Shechem gave him great confidence. Yet when he tried the same ploy a second time, a woman crushed his head before he had a chance to repeat it.

Likewise, Satan appears to be ahead of the game right now because Eve's transgression has resulted in a significant oppression of women. Consequently, he does not feel threatened by their lowly state, especially inside the 10/40 Window...Satan succeeded once and...he believes he can do it again, except that his head will be soon crushed...

When half the people in a movement...are in a hopeless position due to something immutable such as their gender, they become a loose thread to its social fabric. This is a thread that if pulled will unravel the whole tapestry of that society...(many believe) that at any time God will pull the female thread, and the social fabric of Islam will unravel.

Why would God use women for such a decisive battle? It is simple: the opening round of the fight involved the devil and a woman, not a man. Consequently, it is logical to conclude that the last round of the final face-off should also include women.

I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed: he shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. (Genesis 3:15)

This is the victorious outcome God has in store for the culmination of the rematch between the serpent and the woman and her seed. Centuries of oppression will come to an end, and the beauty and the power of women will be on display just like the gold on the pinions of doves in flight.



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