Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fighting as a Woman

Something amazing happened yesterday. When these things happen in my life, I know that God is especially highlighting what He is speaking to me. I am assured this was not a coincidence, which makes the message that much more powerful!

I have not (yet) read the Lord of the Rings book series. It was months ago that I was first introduced to Eowyn, a beautiful and courageous heroine in the story. Yesterday my mind went back to what I had read in my book Captivating many months earlier: "In the mythic story The Return of the King, Eowyn, battle maiden...disguises herself as a man and rides to war...she rides beautifully, and she handles a sword with deadly skill...her uncle the king is attacked by the leader of the enemy's army, and as he swoops down to finish the king off, Eowyn steps in to block his the battle that follows, the wraith...boasts of an ancient prophecy, proclaiming, 'No living man may hinder me!' And it is here that Eowyn is finally and fully victorious...'But no living man am I! You look upon a woman'...Eowyn removes her helmet and lets her hair fall free. She declares herself 'no man' and fighting as a woman, slays her enemy."

So I re-read this section in my book yesterday, followed by a youtube search for the dramatized scene from the movie based on this Lord of the Rings book. This is what I found; notice that the words were changed a bit but it was still interesting to watch:

So last night I sat down to read one of my current books, and as I read, I had to say to myself "wait a minute...this sounds familiar".

I read: "Envision a cold, gray dawn on a battlefield, bloody and desolate. The ground is littered with the dead and dying. In the midst of this hopeless chaos, there stands a royal daughter. She does not immediately appear out of place, for she has slipped into battle disguised in the armor of a knight. She hoped to somehow make some small contribution, even if it meant only comforting any fallen loved ones. She watched helplessly as her royal guardian was struck down and mortally wounded. She moves toward him, hoping to hold him in her arms as he slips from this earthly life. But before she can reach him, she discovers herself in the midst of an unavoidable confrontation. Positioned in her path is an enemy so terrifying , both he and the wretched beast he rides defy human description."

As I read these words, I knew that I was reading a familiar story. Yes, it sounded just like the one I had just read about and watched earlier that day! Coincidence? No way! God? For sure! Knowing this is God gets our attention that much more doesn't it?

I continued to read, "The beast has come to devour her wounded father. Bravely, she commands the specter and his foul dragon to leave. In response, the evil lord threatens her with endless torment if she does not yield. She refuses to give ground and draws her sword, vowing to do all within her power to hinder the fiends before her. The lord of darkness laughs, mocking her bold stance: 'Thou fool. No living man may hinder me!'

'But no living man am I! You look upon a woman...'

So he might see that what she speaks is true, she removes the cover of her helmet and allows her golden hair to fall free...'Her eyes...were hard...yet tears were on her cheek...suddenly the great beast...leaped into the air. Still she did not blench: a maiden of the Rohirrim, child of kings, slender but as a steel-blade, fair yet terrible. A swift stroke she dealt, skilled and deadly.

This royal daughter defeated the wretched enemy no living man could destroy...this dark lord was caught unaware...he did not know what had been prophesied so many ages ago...that evil would be at odds with the woman. 'And I will put enmity between you and the woman.' (Genesis 3:15)...I find it amazing that though she slipped into battle disguised as a man, a victory for all came when she revealed herself a woman...

When all seemed lost, something dormant in her soul was awakened, and strength was quickened within. I loved this woman who was willing to stand her ground in the face of unspeakable terror and there reveal her womanhood...I loved the imagery of eyes that were fixed, though tears streaked her face...I found a daughter who had disguised herself as a man only to find her victory as a that moment I was there with her. I began to weep, and my hands trembled as I laid the book aside. I sensed God's holy presence as it filled my bedroom...It was then I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit speak. I do not believe His words or the commission I received were for my ears alone. I believe it is for every daughter of the Most High with ears to hear.

For you truly are not a man, and there are yet battles in the spirit for the sons to fight, and there are yet battles in the spirit for the daughters to fight. Begin to call forth the wage the wars only they can win, and to fight the battles as only my daughters can, because truly the enemy fears this revelation more than he fears any woman who fights like a man...

I believe this scene somehow captured the imagery and protocol of royal daughters in battle...on the battlefield they do not come to fight as men but as women."

Powerful! I know that God spoke to me yesterday, and I believe that He wants me to share what He spoke with His other daughters.

How do we fight as women?

Something to ponder, and please share your thoughts with me:)



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