Thursday, January 22, 2009


This is a photo of "Eowyn" from the Lord of the Rings' "Return of the King."

Man, I really love this has really inspired me as I continue to lose weight. I believe, without a doubt, that inner beauty is so much more important! So much! If you are not beautiful inside, any figure or makeup or fashion will leave a woman lacking in beauty.

That said...

Wow. I want to look like this. No, of course, not exactly like her. I am me, and I am glad for that. I do not want to be her...but I do desire to be the ideal me! And I was once that weight...I can have that figure again:) It just takes a lot of hard work! But I am determined to get there again.

Oh, and I also love the dress (not that I'd wear one out and about- imagine the looks I'd receive LOL!) and the loooong beautiful hair! (((Sigh)))


Michelle Gregory said...

wow, you have an amazing blog. i'm looking forward to reading more.

Esther Ruth said...

Hi Michelle! Thank you...I really enjoy working on it, and since I never watch television and do not have many hobbies (such as scrapbooking, sewing, etc)...I like to spend my free time reading and writing and "decorating"! I hope that you do visit again! God bless!

Linda said...

Esther Ruth,... your blog is~~~just beautiful!!! I was so drawn in by the romance, and the feminine softness, and the pretty pictures,...and of course the spiritual truths. I bookmarked it so that I could find you again.

Today my husband bought me the book "Captivating", and I can't wait to read it, after all of the quotes you posted from it. Thank you!

Your husband is very handsome, and you are lovely. Your children look so much like you both. You two are truly blessed.

My blog is Truthful Tidbits, and from my blog you can find my daughter's (Dancing Barefoot On Weathered Ground) and my granddaughter's blog,(Random Ramblings Of A Teenage Artist),...and she has another one called (Imperishable Beauty).
I know that you would enjoy them.

I just wanted to tell you how your blog touched my heart.
Thank you.
In His Arms,


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