Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Little Blessing

Today I have been caring for a very tiny and precious little girl. She is the size my twins were when they were born:) It has brought back many memories, of a baby sleeping almost all day and feeding them those 2oz bottles. She is a miracle baby who was born under two pounds and breathing within 24 hours.

The preemie I am caring for:

My twins around that age:

Holding her and caring for her today opened up my thoughts to pondering adoption. Not for now, but maybe one day.

God has adopted us...what a beautiful thing to show the, perhaps, unwanted children that they are indeed wanted.


Amy said...

O my goodness she just looks so precious all swaddled and snuggled up... precious little love... oh take a big sniff of her head for me... love the smell of a newborn. :)


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