Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Spirit

My beautiful friend Amy sent me the above award. Amy is one of the most special women I know. She is filled with so much love and joy...she is extremely devoted to her husband and children. Amy is full of passion, which I love so much!! Passion for God, for her family, for life! I am so blessed to have "found" Amy and I truly hope we meet one day! Here is her blog: Joy Of My Heart

So my part is to list five things I love about Christmas and then give the award to some of my blog friends, who can then pass it to their friends.

1) I love family. One of my favorite things about this time has always been getting together with loved ones. What an awesome reason to gather together- to celebrate the birthday of our King!

2) Like Amy, I say Christmas mail! I am THRILLED to receive cards, letters and photos in the mail and I save them all:)

3) The scents of the season- pine, cinnamon, etc. We always buy a real tree for the pine scent!

4) The joy in my children as they await their gifts, sing songs, perform a play at church, and mostly hear the Bible stories of the birth of Jesus.

5) Decorating! I was not able to do much this year but I love the lights, candles, pine cones, nativity and all sorts of Christmas decorating in the home!!!

Now for those special people I will pass this along to: (I have not had this blog long so I'll only choose a few)

Debi at Pursued By Love

Heather at Heart Of A Mommy

Lauren at All Things 4 Baby and Mom


Lauren @4BabyAndMom said...

Awww Esther! Thanks so much!! I didn't even realize you had a blog.. I knew Rod did, but.. Oy! What an oblivious friend! Thank you for my award! With love, ~Lauren


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