Thursday, December 11, 2008

Feminism, Femininity and Sarah Palin

I am a member of "Team Sarah" which is a coalition of women (men also welcomed) dedicated to advancing the values that Sarah Palin represents in the political process. A while back, the following quote was posted there: "If Governor Sarah Palin's historic candidacy proved anything, it is that women can meet these challenges without sacrificing their femininity. And thanks to Gov. Palin's leadership, there are more women in this battle than ever before. The very women whom the woman's movement had convinced were invisible now know their power."

Recently, Marjorie Dannenfelser wrote a great article (Weekly Standard: 12/15/2008, Volume 014, Issue 13) of which the following is quoted from: "Palin operates in a grievance-free environment. She likes being a woman...She gives every appearance of loving her role as a wife and mother of a bunch of kids. She lives as if she believes in the natural complementarity of men and women, rather than the supposed enmity and competition of the sexes depicted as universal by left feminism...She is feminine and she is confident...This confidence is what gets under the skin of the old-guard feminists the most. How could she? She takes her femininity and pro-life position and strides confidently right through those doors they feel they opened...Finally, after all these years, we see a confident, successful, feminine woman no more afraid of barriers than the hardest-core liberal feminist."

The above two quotes inspired me to create a video montage of Sarah Palin in her feminine glory!

Sarah is an example of a strong woman with a soft heart. She has remained a woman with a compassionate and tender heart; a wife with a beautiful love for her husband; and a mother who cherishes her children and all children. At the same time, she is filled with courage to fight for the truth, walk in the integrity of her convictions, and work hard.

One thing that has inspired me most about her is that she has not neglected any part of her beautiful womanhood: her faith in God, Who is her guide in life; her character, which is one of courage, integrity, compassion, honesty and grace; her intelligence, which she has obviously cultivated; and her physical health/appearance as she runs and keeps herself in shape.

The first feminists were against abortion. They believed women should have the rights a man has, but they also believed a human soul in his mother's womb has rights.

Well, us christian women believe the same. I am sure all of my readers believe that a woman has the same God given rights as a man. (I am not speaking now of husbands and wives and the beautiful gift of submission). I am speaking of men and women in general.

Yet, we also recognize that an infant inside of a woman is also a human with rights. This is the type of women we are: pro-woman but also pro-life. Sarah Palin has been a long time member of a group called "Feminists for Life", a group that believes in a woman's rights but also in the rights of the unborn.

I am part of this group of women that are pro-God, pro-family, pro-America, pro-woman (as in equal rights) and ALSO pro-life!!! A group of women who CELEBRATE our femininity!



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