Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Poem, My Song

I have a wonderful friend (see her blog-17 Diamonds- on the sidebar) who is a singer/songwriter. Lisette is one of the most beautiful women I know, and I don't mean just the outside. She has an inner beauty, love and joy that is precious to behold.

Well, a while ago she suggested I write the lyrics for a song, and she would do her best to put my words and heart to music. One day I sat alone in my bedroom and wrote a poem. I then presented this poem to Lisette, who did a beautiful job using much of my lyrics, and creating a song to reveal my heart. So I see this as "my song".

I love wind...and I mean a lot. I love gentle breezes but also powerful winds! I often sit outside at night and talk to God. I love when soft breezes caress my face and hair. I truly feel at that moment almost as if God is gently touching me.

Touch is my greatest "love language". I long to be touched, and hugged, and caressed in a way that I cannot even explain. One of my greatest ideas of a perfect night with my husband would be to take a walk outside in the evening and sit on a bench just touching and talking, then to watch a movie together at home cuddling close on the sofa, then add in some slow dancing and then...well, I'm sure you all can guess the last touching experience:) But you see? The whole night would be filled with time together and touching one another.

I have been on my knees so many times asking God if He would literally touch me...that I could feel his physical touch. I know without a doubt He could fulfill that wish of mine, but as of yet it has not been His will to. Yet, when I feel the wind tenderly caressing me, it is almost as if God is sweeping his hand across my face the way a parent may touch his child, or even the way a husband may touch his wife.

Powerful winds get me excited. Very windy days often make me feel like running and spinning and leaping. Or like stopping and just breathing it all in. Such strong winds make me think of God's power. And his beauty. I just love to see the wind blow through trees, blow the clouds across the sky; and I love to hear the wind. One of the greatest pleasures for me is windy nights when I can sleep with my window open and hear the wind's lullaby.

One of my greatest desires is to fly. I love the scripture that speaks of God "riding upon the wings of the wind". Boy I'd love to do that!

Here is the poem that I wrote, and below it is a video montage I put together of the song Lisette wrote and sung for me. Thank you again so much Lisette:)

You're the Wind

God, come and softly caress
When deep tears fill my eyes;
Touch me with tenderness
When the tears flow and I cry.
I sense your touch as a warm breeze, blowing through my dark night
And it brings me such a sweet release, to feel you by my side.

I'm standing under an open sky
With Heavens' windows open wide
As flowers bow and trees dance
I am part of this romance
Your strong arms are lifting me higher
O God, this is my desire,
To lean as a bird leans on the wind
Knowing that your love gives me wings
And you are the wind.

When my heart is filled with pain
And my deepest soul in despair,
Come and break off these chains
Come and whisper your care.
It is to my God whom I cling, with my desperate prayer
Yes my Father and my King, whose love is everywhere.

Just as the wind

I can not see Him but oh how I feel Him, and hear Him, and see what He does.
I am free to breathe the air blowing from your winds up above.

CHORUS (above)

So I will rise and I will dance
For you've provided the key.
The wind carries your fragrance
And the depths of your beauty.
I am precious in your sight, and am called to royalty
I believe that you delight, as I fly to my destiny.


Oh God, you blew and I was wooed,
I broke forth from my cacoon,
Your love gave me wings and I flew.

Now let me shine the Divine
Let me sing beautiful things
As I fly...
Because you are the wind.



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